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Why is gut health important?

Inflammation is a normal immune response and takes place whenever the body is injured or identifies a foreign invader, like a pathogen. That’s acute inflammation.

But in a culture where people constantly eat unhealthy food—which can look like poison to the body—or experience ongoing stress, environmental toxins, or problematic drugs, people can also suffer ongoing inflammation, also known as chronic inflammation. In acute inflammation, the process will end but in chronic inflammation symptoms like abdominal and chest pain, fatigue, and fever can persist and be linked to such conditions as asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

There is growing evidence that diseases with an inflammatory component can be treated through nutrition and physical exercise, rather than pharmacology

In this guide you will learn the exact 4 steps that will help you heal your gut (as much as possible) and eliminate pain and discomfort. 

Who is this for?

anyone who is serious to start making a change! 

anyone who is committed to actively PARTICIPATE 

anyone who is willing to make a lifestyle change and take full responsibility for their own health

who is this NOT for?

people who are looking for a quick fix for their inflammation

people who are looking for a diet

people who are not willing to listen to an expert because that read somewhere else that carbs are bad for you

What is Breaking B.A.D. Movement?

In a nutshell, it answers the question, “How do I get myself to stick to my health plan?”

Dr Monika's coaching is specifically designed for women who want to live and eat healthier for a better future. Eating healthy shouldn’t be all about skipping meals, and working out shouldn’t feel like a chore!

To achieve your health and nutrition goals, you need to start holding yourself accountable for your actions.

What better way to be accountable than to join our B.A.D. Membership where you get to join a group of like-minded people who want to prioritise their health and fitness journey like you?

In the membership you will access personalised nutrition coaching, healthy recipes, NOT-boring food plans, Food Diary checks, and fun workout plans. What is unique to this plan is that Dr Monika tailors your coaching to YOU. You are in charge of your goals, so the coaching gets personalised specifically to your needs and wants.

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Why join B.A.D. Movement?

Everyday i just feel better and better. Monika is amazing with advice and ideas. I've supplemented my nutrition based on Monika's advice and had an amazing week so far. I’ve learned a lot this week from Monika and how you can really have a healthy happy life style no matter your circumstances. Thank you

Jade Leigh

 Really starting to feel good about dieting and eating properly rather than starving myself. Liking the shakes a lot better than I expected also.

Caitlin Boyce

 Today was a good day from when i got up i didn’t feel i needed to eat. I followed the plan all day and my daily steps have even increased due to me feeling more energetic. I'm amazed today and I've lost 4 lbs. Thank you

Charlotte Sheen

I am loving this healthier life it gives me more energy and feel better in myself. thank you i am loving the foods. feel fuller for longer now.

Terrie Oneill

I'm really beginning to notice now that i'm not getting hungry but i'm still eating the plan set. The difference in my energy levels is amazing i feel like a new woman and i can't wait to continue

Charlotte Sheen

Day 4 and I feel AMAZING with the advice around eating and the stretches and workout I am feeling amazing!

Jade Evans

Breaking B.A.D. Success Stories...

Our most recent women of purpose who have forged their own paths.

Hope Busak

Mum,  Entrepreneur

Angela Gordon

Mum of three boys

Amanda Glasper

Virtual assistant,  Mum

Sara White

Busy employee

Carys Smith

Mum, employee

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